About Us

Mission Statement and Values

Carson Fight & Fitness will bring a world class training facility for mixed martial arts and fitness to the Tulsa metropolitan area.  This will be accomplished by creating a community where every individual can be equipped, encouraged, and motivated to maximize their potential. We believe this is possible when there is alignment, or syzygy, in the following life segments:

  1. Healthy Lifestyle – We commit to living lives that honor others and ourselves beginning with living a holistic and healthy lifestyle in every area.
  2. Technical Skills – We commit to providing the highest level of instruction and will not settle for mediocrity. The process is as important as the product. How we train is a reflection of ourselves and our community.
  3. Leadership – We commit to becoming and reproducing great leaders. As leaders, we will use our influence to make whatever space we occupy better for all of those around us.
  4. Expanding the Art – We commit to expanding our community and being a space of inclusivity. We will be strongest when we intentionally bring others to an understanding of the fundamental change that can happen when introduced to martial arts.